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Nordic Lolitas
Gothic & Lolita Enthusiasts in Scandinavia
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fairy wish
A little introduction first: I'm a 20 year old girl from Switzerland, I was in Vantaa/Finland for an exchange year when I was 15 and about half a year after coming back home I discovered Lolita for me. I don't dress exclusively Lolita, but I wear exclusively skirts and my every day style shows influences from Lolita (especially classic although I also like gothic and other styles), sometimes a bit morigirl and also from Noa Noa, my favourite non-japanese brand.  I'm at university since two years and study (mainly old) Germanic languages (and English and prehistoric Archaeology as subsidiary subjects), for which I've learned some Swedish.
According to this I should go to Sweden to practice my Swedish, but I've decided to go first to Finland again, where I haven't been for some time now and have some friends to catch up with.
However friends and former host family also have work/school/university during my stay from the 3rd to the 17th of February, so I'd love to meet some new people as well and discover things I didn't see back in my exchange year or that are new. I know there's an own forum for Finnish lolis, but my Finnish isn't good enough for that (actually it's horribly bad considering I was there for a year, my Swedish is better by now.)
If you're a Helsinki-area Loli or if you're also visiting Helsinki or the closer surroundings during that time I'd love to meet you, or if you have places or events to visit to recommend to me go ahead :) Also if there's someone who has Swedish as mother tongue in the area or who'd like to use their school Swedish, I'd be glad to practice mine as well :)
For meet-ups I have to warn you though that my warmest coat (therefore the only one I will be taking with me, there's not that much space in a suitcase) hasn't got enough space for a petticoat, therefore more than casual and inspired Lolita isn't possible, I'm afraid.
1st-Nov-2009 09:52 am - Ideas and updates!
Good morning fellow Nordic Lolitas!

I was contacted by krapyl with ideas to make this community more active. I believe that's one of the things that has to be done before we can start planning the big meetup because at the moment not much interest has been paid to it.

Fist of all I'd like to introduce monthly themes! This was a suggestion from krapyl. Novembers Theme will be Knitted! So post pictures of knitted items, yourself wearing something knitted sweater or maybe your latest knitting projects!

Next months theme will (hopefully suitably) SNOW!

I'd love to take suggestions for new themes so feel free to message me about it.


Another announcement I would like to make is our new contest!
This community has been in long need of a makeover. Therefore I'm issuing a banner contest!


All submissions must be in .JPG / .JPEG you may also send in your submission as .PSD as well as the .JPG/.JPEG

The banner should relate to the community so something to do with Nordic lolitas.

The banner can have any measurements of your choice, I will edit the layout to fit it.

You may also send in a drawn picture that can be edited into a banner.

No stolen material! If you use brushes found online you must have the creators permission!

The winner will be picked out by the community through voting.

The winner will have their username and website/blog featured in the community layout.

Submissions are open until the 30th of November but can be extended if there are no submissions!

Good Luck!

Also, I have a suggestion of a rule change.
As you can see below there are a lot of sales posts from the same person about the same shoes. I was thinking of changing the rules so that only people living in nordic countries are allowed to post sale threads. What do you think about that?

That's it for now. If anyone else has any suggestions feel free to send me a message!
23rd-Sep-2009 09:27 pm - Metamorphose bolero for sale
Link to my sales post:

6th-Sep-2009 08:09 pm - Turku
Cup of Tea, lolita
Hi I was wondering if there are any lolitas that live in Turku that may want to meet up? I know there is a forum out there for Finnish lolitas, but sadly I do not know much of the language yet, so I can't read it. I just moved here from America, and will be staying in Finland indefinitely.
I've made a group on facebook for the planing of the nordic lolita meetup, we still havent made a group for others before we get it more planned but we would still like some planners from denmark and island, if anyone would like to be a planner, please add me on facebook (or send me a message there).
9th-Jul-2009 12:07 pm(no subject)
Hello :)
Are there any swedish Lolitas in Stockholm this weekend who'd like to meet-up? I'm from germany and currently on vacation in the city ^^
3rd-Jul-2009 04:25 pm - Oslo Lolita meetup
New meetup, more info behind the cut..

Some little more info..Collapse )

7th-Jun-2009 11:19 pm(no subject)
Good evening everyone!

I'm not sure if everyone is aware but the lovely Mary (tropigalia) is going through some really tough times! You can read her story here: http://tropigalia.livejournal.com/449482.html
And there's a raffle being arranged for her here: http://community.livejournal.com/egl/13534175.html
I really feel for her and will personally do anything I can to help! Please do what you can <3

All my love goes out to Mary and her family!

Have a continued nice evening!
9th-Mar-2009 06:34 pm(no subject)
Good evening!

I'd really like to know if people are still interested in the meet that we are planning in august.
It feels like the thought is quite dead right now, we still need help from Denmark and Iceland if Iceland are interested.

Are there any things hindering your appearance at the meetup? We've got to consider the bad economy that has hit us and I'm guessing some people have a shortage of money at the end of the summer holidays?

We've been talking a bit about maybe postponing the meetup? Would that help people? Are people more interested in a winter meet? We need peoples thoughts and such about this so that we can really get planning!

Have a nice evening!

Your humble moderator

28th-Feb-2009 12:45 pm - Just a small question
Sone Gyaru - nail art

Hi! I hope I'm not bothering anyone, but I'm wondering if there's anyone here who is interested in lolita and/or related fashions and who lives in or around Östersund. I do, but I don't know anyone who does and lives closer to me than 14 hours by train. ^.^' Also, Östersund is not too far away from, for example, Trondheim. Thank you! m(_ _)m

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