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Nordic Lolitas

Gothic & Lolita Enthusiasts in Scandinavia

Scandinavian Lolitas
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This is a community for Scandinavian and Nordic gothic lolitas, aristocrats, kodonas, dandys and visual kei dressers to keep in touch. We're not too many, and we're spread over a fairly large geographic area, so every little bit helps.

Please promote your local gothic lolita events and businesses (seamstress skills, lolita art commissions, japanese imports, you name it). It is completely okay to sell things here, so feel free to link to Tradera/Ebay auctions and similar.

Rules for selling:

Please only sell thing related to lolita!

Only things sold from Nordic countries are allowed to be posted, so no sales posts from people living outside Scandinavia.

Please do introduce yourself, post photos of you/your creations and any and all events you have taken part of, just remember to lj-cut large pictures!

Language is any of the nordic languages and/or English. Please write so that your post is accessible for as many of our members as possible - a short summary in English for instance.

1. Be kind and polite
2. No spamming
3. Lj-cut images and auctions
+ general livejournal and netiquette behaviour. Just play nice, ok? ^_^